A Greener Future


Will you help us raise some funds? We have plans to start some new online programming but we need your help! On GivingTuesday download a copy of our children's book "Nurdle the Turtle: Lessons in Litter" off Amazon. This is a great resource to help teach children the importance of keeping litter off the ground. The book is also available in hard copy which makes a great Christmas gift!

A bit about our programming:
We can't spill all the details yet, but we are working on developing some interactive educational videos that will be launched monthly starting next year. These videos will showcase how easy it could be to reduce waste and eliminate litter. These resources will be open access for anyone to use. We have the plans written out in detail, we're just in need of the funding to get it off the ground. The work being done on this project is on a volunteer basis but we need the funding for a camcorder, microphone, and a few props for demonstrations. We're excited to get started!

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