A Greener Future


Lake Ontario has a litter problem.

To date, we've picked up 1,446,689 pieces of litter that might have otherwise ended up in the Lake. That's a pretty specific number. How do we know that's how much we've picked up?

We count every. single. piece.

Data is the "secret weapon" of our advocacy. Most people are aware that there is *some* litter in the Lake. We want to give people a better idea of just how much is out there so that we can take collective action to clean up our environment and reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place.

Our goal is to pick up 2 million pieces of litter by the end of 2020. We know there's no shortage of litter out there, and we want to get as much of it off of the shoreline as possible. Litter can be extremely harmful to wildlife & has the potential to breakdown into microplastics. So, the more support we get, the more awareness we spread, and the more people that start paying attention - the better off our environment will be.

December 3rd is Giving Tuesday and we'll be raising money to put back into our shoreline cleanup program called Love Your Lake. We'd be extremely grateful for any support you could show us and Lake Ontario.

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