Abrigo Centre


It’s been said that food brings people together. A simple meal can turn strangers into friends or cement a relationship.

For members of Abrigo’s Groupo Vida e Esperança or Life and Hope seniors group, the opportunity to have lunch together each day is an important part of building a positive peer environment and removing people from social isolation.

After more than nine years of continued growth – the Life and Hope group started with five volunteers and now totals more than 240 members – our seniors need new kitchenware to prepare and serve clients their daily meals.

The odd assortment of old, worn and previously donated pots, pans, dishes and trays our volunteers use to make and serve those meals are showing their age and declining rapidly so today we have an urgent need for new kitchenware.

Please demonstrate your support for our clients and volunteers by helping Abrigo raise $2,000 to purchase new pots, pans and serving dishes for our second floor kitchen.

Together, with the support of others in the community, your gift of $20, $40 or any amount will go a long way to help us reach this goal.

Please consider giving on this special day. Thank you for your support!

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