Adopt a Grandparent Program

After finding out that many local seniors go without a single gift, or a visit from a loved one over the holidays, a small group set out to change that. For the past 5 years, these people have been collecting donations, and using the funds to purchase hand creams (at cost), finding a group of children to create some festive drawings and cards, and take the gifts, wrapped up pretty, to the residents of both St.Marys nursing homes. The children sing songs, give hugs and offer excited holiday chatter to the seniors living in these homes. Hand creams were selected, as they are gender neutral, and a needed product in a dry environment. They are Arbonne brand, purchased at cost. They are formulated without petroleum products, which removes the "greasy" aspect which can be a hazard for some. They are formulated without chemical fragrance or dyes, which make them perfect for those with sensitivities. Many years we have had enough donations to supply both homes with gifts, however last year donations were to supply us with one home, Kingsway. We are working hard to ensure that this year, we can once again do both homes!