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Akoma Holdings Inc.

Akoma Holdings will provide free rentals to those who wish to use the Bauld Centre on Giving Tuesday.  

The H.G. Bauld Centre was established in 1948 as an industrial institution for black students. The building has been restored on a couple of occasions, most recently in 2014. The current renovations resulted in a vibrant, modern community space that has an accessible deck and washrooms. The Centre has 2100 sq per floor and is 62’ long and 34’ wide. It has two floors, the ground floor which is used as office space and the main floor which has a fully functioning kitchen, two accessible bathrooms, storage area and the large hall. Since the Centre was re-opened in 2015, numerous community events have been held in the community space on the main level. The site has hosted, children and adult birthday parties, wedding receptions, meetings, workshops, public meetings etc. Some organizations have used the facility on a regular basis, i.e. weekly church services and others use it as required. As a means to ‘give back to community’ a nominal rate is charged to use the Centre. We are pleased to offer free rent to organizations who utilize our Centre on Giving Tuesday.

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