Alberta Conservation Association

We would like to secure the Porter conservation site! Porter is a rarity—155 acres in a settled area, basically untouched, with the Raven River running through it. “Alberta’s collection of publicly accessible brown trout streams is unrivaled in stream kilometres, trout abundance, and top end sizes,” says Dave Jensen of Jensen Fly Fishing. “Seriously—it’s included in conversations of global brown trout destinations.” If we secure the Porter site and include the neighbouring site ACA has already secured (Drake Conservation Site), that's nearly four kilometres of flowing stream. All together, that’s 300 unbroken acres featuring old growth forest, thriving habitat, and world-class brown trout fishing. “Anglers could fish all day through that property and probably not even cover the whole stream,” says Kevin Gardiner, ACA biologist. Jensen remembers a favourite piece of advice: the only way to control what happens on a land base is to own it. The right organization is ready to do that, right now, for all the right reasons. Will you contribute to guarantee its future?

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