Alberta Council on Aging

Who Are We?

Alberta Council on Aging, for over 50 years, have advised local to federal governments and the general public about matters relating to opportunities for the full and equal participation of older persons living in Alberta and Canada.

Alberta Council on Aging engages the seniors’ community; communicates their ideas, opinions and concerns to government and the broader community; and works toward solutions with governments, community organizations, and other seniors serving agencies.

The council develops publications and programs aligned with age friendly initiatives with the aim to eliminate ageism and promote inclusiveness of older persons in all communities.

What Are the Senior Friendly™ Programs?

Our Senior Friendly™ Programs include:

    Senior Friendly™ Program Overview
    Recognizing Fraud
    Pre and Post Retirement Planning
    Recognizing Abuse
    Living Stronger Longer
    Let’s Talk Dementia
    Let’s Talk Ageism
    Pharmacy Tips
    Navigating for Services

Since our Community Outreach Program began in January of 2016, we have delivered a wide range of programs from Recognizing Fraud to Living Stronger Longer in over 150 community settings across Alberta and to over 1600 individuals. We believe that awareness and education about the value and worth of seniors is one of the ways we can empower seniors to improve their quality of life.

How Can You Help?

Alberta Council on Aging relies on the help of people like you!

Your donations help us continue our outreach program as well as cover the costs of our communications efforts, including our website and our quarterly newsletter, ACA News.

As a member of Alberta Council on Aging, you have a meaningful volunteer opportunity where you can utilize and learn new skills. If you have not renewed yet for 2019, let this serve as a reminder that memberships expire annually on December 31.

Alberta Council on Aging is always looking for volunteers to help us deliver programs, work casinos, and share their stories, poems, and artwork!

To keep our programs running, we need the help of people like you.

Feedback we have received on our Let's Talk Dementia program:

"Your session was rated as one of the most valuable sessions."

"Social inclusion for people living with dementia - great to hear in lay terms."

."The speaker on dementia was my favorite"

"Realizing things can be taken away from you in a moment and to appreciate what you have."

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