Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

On this GivingTuesday, we are asking you to help us build a research station on the land in our care in the Peruvian Amazon. We currently have 1,416 hectares ( 3,500 acres) of land that we are protecting from deforestation, illegal gold mining and the poaching of endangered species. In order to partner with Universities around the world on collaborative research, educational opportunities and community projects, ARC needs to build a biological station for researchers, students and volunteers to stay. This station will have the added benefit of having the continual presence of visitors and staff members on ARC's land, securing our property even more tightly.

Help us facilitate the collection of meaningful biological data, which can be used to influence legislation designed to protect wildlife and their habitats.

With this campaign we hope to raise $5000.00 in gifts of $20 -$200. Can you help?

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