Aphasia Institute


"People try to talk to me normally, I don't understand I just smile.
I wish I had a way of telling them that I cannot understand them,
I have aphasia."
- John, Aphasia Institute Client

Aphasia is a language problem caused most frequently by stroke and affects approximately 1/3 of the stroke population. Aphasia has a devastating impact on all aspects of life because it affects the ability to read, write, interact and communicate with others. There is an enormous social cost related to the impact of aphasia on identity and family relationships. The Aphasia Institute has spent the last 40 years giving hope to people with aphasia through direct service, education, resources and training.

The Aphasia Institute is proud to be a part of @GivingTuesday again this year. Your generous donations will enable us to improve our programs, client services, education and research to provide people with aphasia the care they need. In the upcoming weeks leading to GivingTuesday, you will get to read eye-opening client stories, meet our dedicated staff, learn more about the effect aphasia has, and discover resources that help people with aphasia and their families.
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