Aura Freedom International

Human trafficking happens EVERYDAY in Toronto. This Giving Tuesday, help Aura Freedom inform and protect Canadian youth by is supporting our Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness program, which educates youth in schools, homeless shelters and group homes on the dangers and extreme prevalence of human trafficking and sexual exploitation right here at home.

The presentation covers a vast range of subtopics, including “the face” of sex trafficking in Canada, risk factors, vulnerable demographics, warning signs, what the "grooming” process looks like, internet safety tips and conversations about consent, gender roles and healthy relationships. Also fundamental to the program is the presence of a trained trauma counsellor due to the sensitive content of the program.

Due to the powerful nature of the awareness and the caring support provided, we have regular disclosure of exploitation from young survivors during our visits and are able to provide them with access to appropriate services. We collaborate with various agencies in Ontario, including Toronto Police Services and the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre.

Sexual exploitation and human trafficking is not an easy conversation to start, so we thank you for your support and for shining a light on the darkness!

Happy Giving!

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