Beagle Paws

This GivingTuesday, Beagle Paws will be campaigning for financial support to help purchase land for its new Adoption and Education Centre.

Beagles are the most neglected dog breed in Newfoundland and the number one breed surrendered to local animal shelters in the province. The growing demand to provide shelter for this one specific breed has resulted in a need to build a larger more suitable facility for Beagle Paws. The current rental facility has a limited capacity of 1000 sf and design restrictions. To complicated matters further, the current rental space is for sale and relocation is inevitable.

Nearly 2450 beagles have been rescued to date and on average Beagle Paws accepts a new beagle into its care every second day 365 days a year.

This GivingTuesday please consider donating $25 to the Beagle Paws Building for Beagles campaign. We need YOUR help to purchase LAND for THEIR future.

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