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Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Society

This #GivingTuesdayCa, Bide Awhile Animal Shelter will be showcasing the experiences of five sweet kittens by the names of Jace, Thor, Peaches, Rufus and Casey.  These kittens arrived at our rescue with severe cases of upper respiratory infections.  Due to the severity of their infections, there were added complications of eye ulcers for three of the five kittens.

Treatment requires the daily administration of doxycycline for their upper respiratory infections, along with erythromycin and ciloxan for their eyes. The eye ulcers require both eye drops and ointment, administered five minutes apart. The kittens need to receive the ointment twice a day and eye drops three times a day.  As you can imagine, administering eye drops to a kitten is not an easy task and is time-consuming for our Animal Care Attendants.

Casey and Peaches each came in with one ulcer, while Thor came in with an ulcer in each eye.  As of now, Peaches and Casey have healed, but Thor is still undergoing treatment. There is a possibility that Thor could suffer permanent damage, but our trusted veterinarian, Dr. Craig, and our team of staff are providing the best care possible to help avoid that outcome.

Under our care, the kittens have been vaccinated, tested for feline leukemia, dewormed, spayed/neutered, microchipped, groomed, and continuously socialized as they go through the shelter process.  Once our veterinarian determines they are healthy and ready for adoption, they will move to our open-concept cat room, where they will await their forever homes.

While we do have an adoption fee to help subsidize the cost of care for our animals, there are often procedures, such as X-Rays or surgeries that are required to ensure each animal leaves with a clean bill of health. At a minimum and on average, each animal costs at least $350 to go through our shelter and get paired with a loving forever home. This Giving Tuesday, we are hoping to raise $3,500 to cover the costs of caring for and rehoming just ten animals.

Here's how your gift can help subsidize the medical costs for each animal:
- $10 can help cover the cost of litter for one cat for a month
- $20 can help cover the cost of microchipping an animal (this ensures if they do get lost and end up at a vet or shelter, their chip can be scanned to reconnect them with their owner)
- $25-$35 can help cover the cost of feeding one cat or dog for a month
- $75-$100 will help cover the cost of vaccines, deworming and health checks
- $100 will help cover the cost of spaying or neutering one animal
- $350 will help cover the minimum average costs of putting one animal through the shelter (Of course, much like Jace, Thor, Peaches, Rufus and Casey, there are always additional costs - X-rays, surgeries, medications, for example - to ensure they leave with a clean bill of health)

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