Big Brothers Big Sisters of Thunder Bay

All across Canada and in Thunder Bay there are at risk children. Children at risk of falling behind in school, of being over looked, or never having faith in themselves. What if every child fulfilled their potential, was set on the right path, finished high school and went to college or university and then gave back to their community?  Wouldn’t that be something?  Big Brothers Big Sisters is where you can START SOMETHING! With the power of Mentors, we take these at risk children and give them the opportunity to see what they are capable of.  Studies show that mentoring helps children and youth stay in school, avoid risky behaviors, such as bullying, and grow up having more respect for their family, peers and community.  Here in Thunder Bay we are committed to providing the highest quality Mentors and programming for the children and youth in our community. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that by doing so, they will not only do well, they will also do good for our community.  We believe that by changing the course of young lives we will in turn be changing the course of our community’s future.  Mentored youth simply do better.  Many of us may have been lucky enough to have had a mentor step into our lives at that time when we needed them the most. A parent, a teacher or relative, whomever this mentor was for you, they were someone who treated us with respect and in turn earned our respect. They were someone who valued our ideas, included us, and encouraged us. Someone who taught us that doing good is every bit as important as doing well. Our Mentors were someone who gave us the courage to make tough decisions, the self-esteem to make smart choices and the confidence to be true to ourselves.  Whether it is in the form of time or money there is no more important investment we as individuals can make than in helping our community’s children realize and share their full potential.

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