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Big Brothers Big Sisters of York

You and your loved ones, along with our Big Brothers Big Sisters of York community, are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you are safe and healthy during this challenging time.

While our current situation is taking its toll differently on each individual, we know that it is deeply affecting our young people. You are needed more than ever.

Many young people supported by Big Brothers Big Sisters of York are finding themselves in difficult situations. Their families are struggling financially and frustrated with trying to homeschool. Of concern is the potential for family violence and other negative impacts on their mental health leading to depression and anxiety.

There is good news! Having a consistent and caring mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of York in these young people’s lives gives them the additional support they need outside of their homes. Mentors are there to listen, give advice, and can offer a helping hand when they need it the most.    

With your help, Big Brothers Big Sisters of York is determined to make it through this pandemic alongside our youth. You can help vulnerable youth. Connecting to their mentors is key, even if it has to be virtually for now! It is a lifeline for them!

Most importantly, your gift will ensure that these match relationships can survive with our new Virtual Mentoring program!
I wish I didn’t have to tell you this. We have lost revenue. The loss of revenue from our fundraising events is a huge blow to our bottom line. However, we are hopeful donors, you will help support our youth today.

With hope and gratitude,


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