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The Bright Beginnings Foundation (BBF) is working to eliminate generational poverty in families by providing Surrey high-school graduates of limited means with the opportunity to attend a post-secondary institution. They will obtain a degree, skill or trade without having to worry about shelter and other basic necessities. Together we will help some of Surrey's most vulnerable young adults see a bright future.

This is the Bright Beginnings 2nd year partcipating in the Giving Tuesday campaign. We had a very successful first experience and was able to help two eager young students with small grants to help them along with their education. Over the year BBF has been busy growing our foundation. We have been fortunate to have found a partnership with the KEATCA Foundation.

The BBF GivingTuesday campaign is simple. There are more than 45,000 young adults who live below the poverty line. We can not help them all but with your generous support and the partnership with the KEATCA Foundation this is the year we are going to be able to award our first student recipient with our unique scholarship.

Please help the Bright Beginnings Foundation help a modivated, bright, young graduate from Surrey BC, obtain the education they deserve.

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