Burns Bog Conservation Society


On Tuesday, November 27th, make your gift matter. Give the gift of nature.
Are you aware that the Burns Bog Conservation Society has spent the past 30 years engaging the community about why we need to protect Burns Bog? Over 3000 youths each year get to experience the bog first-hand through the Society’s education programs. The Society also works to research and expand current knowledge about our local bog, which is the largest undeveloped landmass in North America.
Summer day camps are the cornerstone of our education programs. They run all summer. This program hosts hundreds of kids yearly. It places them out into the bog for a week of games, crafts and fun; all while learning about this fantastic bog in their own backyard.

The Society also has a yearly nature festival, called Stepping into Nature. This past year was the largest one yet with over 440 students from around the lower mainland taking part. Students spend the full day outdoors in the Delta Nature Reserve participating in hands on experiential learning. This is made possible thanks to community partners, in-kind donations, and gifts from people like you.

Another major part of the education program is field trips. These allow students to not only learn about the ecosystem, but also experience place based learning. Field trips, along with our summer day camps, are offered in both English and French.

Along with educational programming, the Society works hard to raise awareness within the community. Events such as Jog for the Bog, the Pilgrimage to Burns Bog, book sales, and Art Contests take place each year. Staff members also work in partnership with local university students to promote and undergo research projects.

This past year, the Society also hosted an international peatland conference with experts from around the world. The People for Peatlands Revisited conference featured speakers from Germany, Ireland, Quebec, and BC, who all shared incredible knowledge about peatlands, and how vastly important they are for us, the wildlife, and the planet.

One of our donors gives yearly to help send kids to our summer day camps. Through their gift we were able to send 10 deserving kids to our summer day camps this past summer. They wouldn’t have gotten to go otherwise.

“My daughter had a fantastic time! She said the leaders were really fun and kind! She really enjoyed doing the camp! Thank you for offering the camp!” –Trudy Buzdon-Barber, Day Camp Parent

“Our tour guide, Mark, was great! He was very knowledgeable, showed a lot of patience with our kids, and very fun and well-liked by all! Thank you, Mark!” – North Delta Secondary School Teacher

“Not only was Nikolai knowledgeable but he also had a good rapport with us. I am speaking for our group but I believe that we all came away from this tour with a huge appreciation of the bog” – Marian Lane

You can inspire our children in a place where they can explore nature. You can make your gift matter today. Give the gift of nature.  

Your donations make the difference. Think of it as carbon credits for your soul. Thank you.

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