Butterfly Foundation PAS


An Alternative to Family Court and a CFS Reconciliation Program That Saves Children from Emotional Abuse, Parents from false Allegations, and brings balance and stability to split families, allowing children to love both mom and dad. Your gift Gives us the ability to use more resources and be available to more services so no child has to worry about seeing mom or dad. Our goal is to raise 15,596 this will allow us to provide our service to 3 families where a parent has not seen a child for 5 or more years as a result of a false allegation or prevent 5 families from entering the family courts to early.

Butterfly Foundation is the first organization to provide parents and children support and guidance. We help those who just lost access, considering going to court for custody, those who lost children to C.F.S. and those who lost all hope. Often Parents rush to court expecting the same rules as criminal court, or argue with child welfare when they should be cooperating. Parents often dont look into the meaning of the Best Interests of the child until they have exhausted all options. Which is why prevention is key and these parents need to come out of hiding so we can show them there is a solution.
By changing the perception of how family law and child welfare operates and educating families on how to use these services as intended we can reunite parents and children, reverse the negative perception of these services,  and prevent further children and parents from making the same mistake
Butterfly Foundation has helped families and children in Canada and the United States. We are recommended  to families by the Children’s Advocate, Child Welfare, Police, Schools and Emergency Shelters. Butterfly Foundations mission is to  correct and prevent parental alienation by providing support and knowledge to parents. The program is so effective when followed that parents and children are being reunited in 3-6 months regardless of past issues. Butterfly Foundation is a Symbol of change

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