Calgary Christian School

Community is about connection – belonging, participating, “fitting” in a place with others. The complete picture of a community requires many people – like puzzle pieces – to intentionally connect with one another. It is through these connections that individuals sense their purpose and have their value affirmed. At Calgary Christian School (CCS), connecting is simply applying one of your talents or gifts to a specific opportunity or need. When we choose to connect in this way, we are able to experience the joy and fulfillment of being part of something larger and more wondrous. Whatever skill, passion, interest, or ability you might have, can certainly be applied to a current need at CCS. By joining our fragments, we – as community – are strengthened and ultimately made whole. Through the Annual Fund Drive, we invite you to help strengthen our ability to provide Christian education that is caring, excellent, and accessible at CCS. This year’s drive supports several on-going initiatives and provides assistance where it is most needed: improving student and teacher access to current technology, providing financial support to families deeply affected by local economic hardship, sustaining our commitment to aiding students with learning needs, and creating new opportunities for students to apply their abilities in real-world scenarios.

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