Camp Dreamwood

This GIVING TUESDAY help us to raise enough money to send two children to camp. Not every parent can afford to send there children to camp, but all children can benefit from it. Camp Dreamwood is a place where differences are not only accepted but celebrated. At Camp Dreamwood age, race, religion, gender, background, family income, and grades.. none of it matters. What matters is the size of your heart, the volume of your voice as you cheer each other on and how wide you outstretch your hands to embrace your new found family in a hug. For some this week or two of camp is the only time they get to be themselves, the only time they come to a place where they are truly loved and accepted for who they are. For a week the staff becomes your big brothers and sisters and you all become a family. The fact is that without generous donations from individuals and companies a lot of our children would not get the chance to experience the greatness that Camp Dreamwood has to offer. Your donations will help underprivileged children, at risk youth, refugees, and children with special needs fill there toolbox with the tools needed to succeed in life.

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