Canada Company

Canada Company is a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military.

We believe in a country where all Canadians stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops, recognizing the sacrifices they make every day. We take pride in honouring the legacy of our military families, fostering opportunity by providing scholarships, while celebrating our local heroes in communities across the country.

The Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program is an initiative developed to assist Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members, Reservists and Veterans who are seeking to find jobs in the civilian workforce. The program serves as a bridge between the CAF and Canada Company's "Military Friendly Employer Partners".

The Canada Company METSpouse Program is an employer network, administered by Canada Company and Military Family Services, where partnering employers are aware of the inherent employability of military spouses and explore accommodation for this mobile workforce. The program serves as a bridge between military spouses and Canada Company’s “Spouse Military Friendly Employer Partners”.

Our goal is to ensure that the men and women in our Canadian Armed Forces and their families receive the widest support, care and recognition that they deserve. Please help support the men and women in uniform, and their families.

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