Canadian Midwives for Life

Pro-life midwives often feel marginalized for their views and are uncertain of how they can practice in a way that satisfies both their obligations and their conscience. We envision an environment that is safe for all midwives to practice according to their conscience.

Canadian Midwives for Life needs your help to cover the legal costs of a legal project that seeks to clarify what our rights and obligations are regarding issues of conscience.

Please consider giving a gift to help us make a safer environment for all midwives. Thank you for standing with us, with midwives, for life.

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About Us
Canadian Midwives for Life exists to support midwives and student midwives who feel isolated, scared, or even targeted for their pro-life views. We provide encouragement when members experience conflict, legal advice when members are unsure about their rights in a given situation, and resources for how to work in line with their ethics. We are a united voice so that a pro-life midwife doesn’t have to feel as though she speaks alone or can’t speak at all.

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