Canadian Olympic Foundation

The sacrifice our dedicated athletes made to protect our country and our communities was one that no athlete had made before. They had to shift their preparations and plans an entire year in order to compete in the Olympic Games. As courageous as it was that our athletes put all Canadians' health and wellbeing before their own goals, now they have to bear the struggle and financial burden of an extra year of training, coaching, and personal sacrifice. 
Although these are very challenging times for all of us, we respectfully ask for your vote of confidence gift, enabling our athletes to continue towards their Olympic dreams.

During this unprecedented year, our athletes showed the world their tenacity and bravery. They showed their solidarity with all Canadians and were open about their struggles. Most of all, they shared their solutions and their words of support for Canada. Our athletes have rallied, sharing messages of encouragement on social media, making patriotic signs to hang in their windows as a symbol of strength and many have given their time to help on the front lines of our healthcare system.
Now it is your turn to stand behind our athletes. They need your support more than ever to keep their spirits high and their Olympic dreams alive. As Canadians we are resilient, compassionate and strong. We are even stronger together and in this historic moment in our lives, our athletes will persevere and ultimately thrive with your support.  

As the official charitable organization of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Team Canada, we support our athletes who inspire every Canadian to strive for greatness through embodying Olympic values. Through the Canadian Olympic Foundation, Canadians can be an integral part of the Canadian Olympic Movement by directly supporting our current and future Olympic athletes and coaches with the resources they need to reach their potential and to pursue the podium.

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