Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

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The CRCVC is a registered charitable organization. Since 1993, the CRCVC has been advocating for victims’ rights and providing support and information resources to survivors. We offer assistance and advocacy regardless of whether the perpetrator of the crime has been identified, apprehended, prosecuted or convicted.

We help folks of all ages, genders, cultures etc;  We are LGBTQ+ friendly.
Clients can include:
·families of homicide/manslaughter victims
·victims of attempted murder
·victims of partner assault/IPV
·survivors of child abuse
·survivors of sexual assault
·victims in cases of unsolved, serious crime
·families/individuals affected by terrorism
·Canadians victimized outside of the country
·victims of homophobic crimes
·victims of criminal harassment
·victims of assault
·victims of elder abuse
·families of missing persons

Services we offer:
·Assist victims obtain needed services and resources: Free information & accompaniment i.e. parole hearings
·Deal with post-trial agencies such as Correctional Service of Canada and Parole Board Canada and/or financial benefits/compensation programs; and
·Offer long-term emotional support.
·Advocate for victims' rights by presenting the interests and perspectives of victims of crime to Government, at all levels; (i.e. safety, rights, recognition, financial assistance, legislation, etc.)
·Provide resource materials to crime victims and service providers in Canada, including a monthly newsletter. 

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