Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba

CSCM works with extraordinary young people who have the potential to become not only nation and provincial sports heroes, but also inspirational leaders, social advocates and mentors for future generations.

"Having CSCM's support has allowed us to take our game to the next level. We went from having a coach to having a complete support team..." - PyeongChang Olympic hopeful Reid Carruthers

You can join CSCM in supporting Manitoba’s elite athletes in their pursuit of the Olympics and Paralympics.

"Be being personally involved with an organization that supports high performance athletes I hope to help inspire the next generation..." - Travis Muhr, CSCM Board of Director

This year, you the donor, has more options - you can make a one-time gift or set up recurring gifts. You can donate to CSCM's Push to PyeongChang campaign, help today's athletes, or you can donate to the Endowment Fund, ensuring continued support for those aspiring to the 2020 Games, 2022 Games and beyond.

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