Canadians for Clean Prosperity

Canadians for Clean Prosperity is proud to participate in Giving Tuesday. We encourage Canadians who care about the economy and the environment to support our cause. We educate, engage and empower Canadians who have the determination and foresight to ensure Canada's future economic prosperity by advancing polluter pay. Canadian families have assumed the unfair responsibility of paying the cost of pollution, but not having the power to reduce it. It's time to reverse that equation. The decisions Canadians make today on a polluter pay will impact the economic and environmental landscape inherited by future generations. A fair price on pollution charged back to polluters is the best way to secure our prosperity. Through your generosity and involvement, we will realize the full power and potential of Canadians to harness change. We share a vision for a competitive, innovative and thriving economy, underpinned by clean air, land and water. Your gift today, along with other visionary Canadians, will be a catalyst for future clean prosperity and will build a brighter future for generations to come.

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