Caritas Foundation

For GivingTuesday this year, Caritas is focused on those who are just coming into this world.

We're striving to build an entirely new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Misericordia Hospital. The Misericordia is a critically acclaimed and widely-used establishment within the Edmonton Community - at least 3,000 of our city's babies are born there each year. Sadly, bringing life into this world is not always a smooth process. Newborns can be premature, ill, or experience birth complications. Our goal with this GivingTuesday is to support the development of a brand new, state-of-the-art unit able to accommodate infants that require extra care. With your help, we’ll have the resources to continue to give these newborn babies the best care available along with the best possible support to Mom and Dad.

This GivingTuesday, we aim to raise at least $200 dollars toward the cause. Your donation makes a difference!

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