Carousel Theatre for Young People

At Carousel Theatre for Young People we believe in igniting imaginations and inspiring young people with the power of endless possibility. Carousel Theatre for Young People is the only theatre in BC that creates a mainstage season of professional theatre specifically for young people.

Each year we open our doors to 40,000 young people and their families, many of whom experience theatre for the very first time at CTYP. We passionately believe that theatre enhances a child’s development: it is thought-provoking, stretches the mind and builds a stronger community.

Help us provide access to the magic of live theatre for all young people, regardless of their circumstance. Your support will enable us to donate tickets and provide bursaries to our drama school. And later this season, CTYP will become the first theatre company in Western Canada to stage a Relaxed Performance specially crafted for autistic children and their families.

Thank you for helping us to create opportunities for children to go on marvelous adventures, explore new ways of seeing the world, and feel empowered to think a little differently. Thank you for helping us ignite imaginations!

“Carousel Theatre for Young People: so magical it will even make kids sit still.” - The Globe and Mail

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