Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation


The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) uses human rights tools to combat housing insecurity and homelessness. Discrimination is a key barrier that prevents people from accessing and keeping the housing they need. We work to build awareness about housing and human rights, and to build the capacity of our clients to recognize and realize their human rights.

We  work to achieve our vision of an Ontario where every person realizes their housing rights, is treated with dignity, and lives free from discrimination in a stable, safe and affordable home through the following activities:

Unique Services for Tenants: Our direct service model is fast and responsive. We engage our clients as team members in creative problem solving to prevent homelessness and overcome discrimination.

Creative Public Engagement and Education: We respond to real needs across Ontario by providing educational materials and workshops to tenants, landlords, and service providers. CERA knows that partnerships make us stronger and we work closely with groups across the province to reach those in need.

Legal Research and Initiatives that Challenge the Status Quo: We work to lead research on human rights in housing, improve housing policy and set legal precedents that benefit marginalized groups.

Housing discrimination is still a reality in Ontario.

With your support, CERA can help...

$10 educates a tenant about her housing and human rights
$30 supports our Eviction Prevention Hotline for one hour
$75 can prevent an eviction into homelessness

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