Charlie's Foundation

Charlie’s Foundation is a Canadian and Dominican nonprofit foundation that aims to provide free life and language skills training to underprivileged children of the Dominican Republic in order to increase their career opportunities and therefore promote lifelong success in the community workforce. We foster this holistic youth development by teaching the English language through a combination of language classes alongside tennis and sports instruction.

13.3% of the population in the Dominican Republic is unemployed, yet there are 654,500 jobs in the tourism industry alone. Of the 6.1 million tourists last year, nearly 50% were native English speakers. We know that by teaching English, alongside other life skills, we will be able to equip children with the tools necessary for a successful future. To ensure efficiency, we have qualified learning specialists on our team with the skills and resources to make our teaching methods most interesting and enjoyable for the children.

Furthermore, we strategically chose to accompany our English classes with tennis and sports instruction. We believe the benefit of regular physical activity reaches further than a great workout - not only does play contribute to the healthy social and emotional growth of a child, but tennis in particular has been proven to lessen feelings of anxiety and depression while increasing neural activity in the brain related to planning, tactical thinking, alertness, agility, and coordination. This development is crucial to positive, holistic youth development.

All donations from this year’s GivingTuesday Campaign will go directly to covering costs for our newest program - Career Readiness & Vocational Training for ages 13+! Students continue their English study, focusing on the jargon for career paths within the tourism industry that interest them, as well as participate in a mentoring program for younger students. As students get older, they practice interview skills in mock interviews before being connected with possible employers. Through our teaching process and communications with our local contacts across the North Coast, our goal is to prepare our children for and to connect our children with real job opportunities in the tourism industry.

We currently have 12 students registered in this program and have a $12,000 goal to sponsor each of them through this year!

Show your support and consider donating today! Every donation counts!
  • $5 - cost of a pack of pencils
  • $20 - cost of a class set of notebooks
  • $150 - cost of a class set of ESL workbooks
  • $1000 - cost of sponsoring one student through the entire year!

We’re also looking to maximize donations this year with gift matching; do you work for any of these companies? They’ll match your donation to us! Not on the list? Ask your employer to consider a gift match this GivingTuesday!

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