Charlie's FreeWheels: Youth Building Bikes & Better Cities

We've just launched our first crowdfunding campaign to get 50 youth on 50 bikes! Click 'Donate Now' to check out our IndieGoGo page where you can watch our brand new video and see how your donations will make a big impact. Charlie’s FreeWheels is a safe, fun, and productive space where students learn about bicycle mechanics. So far, 224 youth have built bikes at Charlie’s FreeWheels, 84 of whom graduated this past year. Next year, we want to teach 115 youth to build bicycles! We’re going to ask various foundations and corporate donors to support 65 of those youth, but we need your contribution to fund the other 50. We're pumping out young riders like no one else in the city. Charlie’s FreeWheels works in partnership with the Regent Park Community Health Centre. Charitable donations to Charlie’s FreeWheels are processed by their administrative team. The RPCHC charitable registration number is listed for this posting.

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