We couldn't do what we do without our many Volunteers, Supporters & Sponsors!
2019 on 16 Mile Creek was another record season doing over 670 boat rides!!
We just had our Annual Fall Fundraiser with the "Help Float the Boat" theme, where a record amount of people supported and a record amount of $$ were raised, over $25,000 and In January 2020...

We're not only purchasing our second new boat @ The Toronto International Boat Show but featuring an "Accessible Display" where for the first time ever, in the Galleria Hall, on a carpet, on marble floors @ The Enercare Centre a wheelchair, walker, scooter or baby stroller will be able to access a Pontoon Boat independently!!

Not sure any North American Boat Show has been able to say that since CharterAbility did @ the 2014 TIBS in "The Worlds Largest Indoor Lake" We were joind by @HonDavidOnley

Thank You!
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