On December 1, 2020, CharterAbility is participating in the global #GivingTuesday and local #HaltonGives movement! We cordially invite ALL 63 Halton Charities to use our FREE service in 2021 ⚓ You, your staff & your clients deserve it!

Thank you… To the many, many dedicated Volunteers who helped CharterAbility throughout a very difficult & different season! #FrontlineWarriors
We still did close to 300 boat rides safely and we thank all who came and all who were involved! We thank the many donors who supported us while maybe they themselves were hurting! 

THANK YOU to all the Front-line Worker that we call #FrontlineWarriors

CharterAbility is so Grateful! Grateful that everyone who was exposed to our Beautiful Accessible Dock this past season came out healthy and happier for the visit!
CharterAbility is also grateful that we were able to help a few local organizations that needed a lift up!

Be well ❤ B Positive!
Look after yours…Your family, your neighbours and your friends!
Look out for somebody close to you, a simple phone call!
If you yourself are hurting, you must reach out! 

#GiveLocal first… We are embarking on the "Giving Season", please give locally! Follow the hashtag #HaltonGives / There are many local Oakville and surrounding area Great Causes and some of them need your support! Especially at this time!

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and BE SAFE!

2021 will Shine Brighter than Ever Before!
Look for the good news stories, there are so many of them out there! Stay away from the negative news…
If you can think it, you can do it, think big!

What we're up to… We are putting together a Trillium Grant with Wui Nui Outrigger Canoe Club, our partners on our accessible dock, Due December 9 for an expanded space, more public accessible dock, new washrooms for us and the public while creating an "Activity Centre" for Wui Nui & Charter Ability to bring together both expanding programs with our Staff, Summer Students, Volunteers and Coaches!

Ask how you can help with this project or come join our team today! Instant Tax Receipt!

Thank You!
Join our Team!
Come Crew the Boat!
Volunteer hours for students and FREE SAFE BOATING CARD

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