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Churches are doing incredible work in their local communities!

On GivingTuesday, churches are encouraged to share some of their community impact with the hashtag #churchesgive and consider fundraising for a special project the church is supporting that provides a significant community benefit.

It could be something your church runs, like a day camp, community garden or a drop-in youth program. However your church serves your community, highlight it and consider a special donation on GivingTuesday to support your church-run initiatives.

Did you know...

For every dollar in a religious congregation's annual budget, a city gets an estimated $4.77 worth of common good services.

Called "The Halo Effect" researchers found that investing in the local church will have significant economic public benefit on communities, such as:

Outside space – parks, playgrounds, parking, recreation.
Direct spending – on operations, capital projects etc.
Education – nursery, day care, schools.
Magnet effect – drawing people into the area for events and life celebrations.
Direct impact – suicide prevention, job hunting, addiction recovery. programs, health promotion, youth civic engagement, immigrant support, etc.
Community development – housing initiatives, job training, lending programs.
Social capital and care – space for social programs to operate from, volunteering, in-kind support.

Learn more about The Halo Effect:

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