CINIM believes that there is no health without mental health. One of CINIM’s wellness programs, BreathingRoom™, is the first clinically proven, award-winning, e-mental health app for Canada which was designed to reduce anxiety, stress, as well as mild to moderate symptoms of depression in adolescents and young adults.

We are sharing a free sample of one of the techniques utilized in Module 1 of BreathingRoom.

BreathingRoom presents an opportunity to tremendously impact the well-being of youth, their families and entire communities. The BreathingRoom App is available on Google Play or in the App Store.

For more information on the program visit Endorsing and supporting programs such as BreathingRoom to a young person who is struggling with depression, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed by life, might just help someone who really needs it. Join us in building stronger, healthier communities, one person at a time.

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