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Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

WHO ARE WE? We are an organization that provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife through donations and a dedicated group of volunteers. (Check out our videos and wildlife stories here )

With ever increasing numbers of wildlife being admitted; our fixed costs have dramatically increased; food costs and other expenses are growing; space is at a premium to house the wildlife and so we find ourselves needing to increase our committed monthly donor base.

Meet Zeus the Hawk!
Giving Tuesday Nov 27th
10am – 12pm
We’ve partnered with our good friends at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery at 1559 Barrington St Halifax to throw a meet and greet event with Zeus the Red-tailed hawk , his handler and the fine folks from the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

* Meet Zeus - a live Red-tailed hawk and his handler *
* Learn more about the wildlife centre *
* LIVE Drawing - sketch Zeus the hawk! *
* Check out some animal themed art *

Become a monthly donor - a unique, life changing gift for yourself, friend or loved one. A gift that keeps the LIFE in wildLIFE!
Receive a thank you gift of certificate & set of postcards
and know that
YOU are making a difference!

That’s where YOU come in! CWRC does incredible work with beautiful animals and you can be a part of that! By becoming a monthly donor you will help our wildlife receive the treatment, care and opportunity for release they need. Even $10 a month will help!

With $10 a month you can feed a Barred owl for a couple of days.
With $20 a month you can feed a Northern Saw-whet owl for a week.
With $30 a month you can feed a Red-tailed hawk for half a week.
and so on...

Our need for food, medicine and supplies is ongoing so it is vital for the survival of CWRC and the wildlife that we have a healthy group of wonderful donors who provide ongoing monthly donations.

A stable base of monthly donors:
  1. Provides reliable source of funding for Food, Medication & Housing for the critters
  2. For CWRC - Easier planning: We can plan ahead!!
  3. Better budgeting
  4. Less costly: We can reduce admin costs
  5. Increased Focus: We can worry more about the wildlife and less about fundraising.
  6. For you? Make tax time easier: Receive one cumulative tax receipt at the end of the year.
  7. Feel good: Once your donation is set, you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference every month.

People LIKE YOU! Be a part of this wonderful organisation - Click on the link and select DONATE MONTHLY to really make a difference!.

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