Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation

For Giving Tuesday, The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation is raising funds to purchase 10 new stackable transport wheelchairs for the Emergency Department (total cost $11,444.00). These wheelchairs will make the jobs of our staff and volunteers much easier, as we have a serious shortage of quality wheelchairs at the Hospital. These new wheelchairs will not only solve the issue of the lack of wheelchairs, but will also help with the space issue we face in our old and undersized facility. The new wheelchairs will stack together like grocery carts in order to save space and ensure that our staff and volunteers always know where to find a wheelchair for our patients that need one. We collected feedback from a number of our staff members and volunteers who are impacted by this issue and this is what they had to say:

“We definitely need new wheelchairs. The old ones are broken and a lot are falling apart. Very often we can’t find one and when we do, it’s broken” – Cathy Pater, Volunteer

“The biggest thing for nurses is efficiency. For us, we want to make sure we can safely transport patients and that the wheelchairs have foot rests that aren’t broken.” – Jocelyn Mather, CGMH Emergency Team

“We very seldom have them in the front entrance- we do our best but we are embarrassed when we cannot find them for people who need them” – Mavis Clarke

“We need the stackable wheelchairs to help clean up the department and help solve our space issue- space is at a premium here. The stackable wheelchairs will be like going from parking an F150 Truck to parking a smart car. We need these new wheelchairs for ease of patient transfer and better accessibility” – Kylie Bosman, Chief of the Emergency Department at CGMH  

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