Common Boots Theatre

We have three new productions in development - your support goes directly to the artists creating the work!

THE ELECTION: Electoral politics - these days, news of elections are everywhere. They shape the world profoundly, yet so many of us feel helpless or voiceless in the face of them. Voting is deeply personnel. Who you believe you are, and what your relationship is to the ground you stand on leads your electoral life, whether your knocking on doors, attending rallies, or protecting yourself from the whole circus.

THE FROST FAIR: Our 6-person writing team is jumping into the chaos of developing a multi-character, multi-space, walk about winter show. Instead of one story told scene by scene, our audiences will discover a story in-between food vendors and carnival games, as the grounds of an old fair become the home for a new winter story in the heart of the city. THE FROST FAIR invites us outside during the coldest days, to seek warmth and humour where we can, drawing closer to one another along the way.

AUDIO BOOTS: Even if you've never downloaded a podcast, our next show is going to rock your ear buds. What is the sound of slipping on a banana peel? We are about to find out…and so much more.

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