Community Living Wallaceburg

Kristin Como had a great summer. The 18-year-old worked as a camp counselor at the Chatham-Kent YMCA. Kristin’s employment experience was key to her gaining confidence and an understanding of the job market. Many young people with a disability do not typically pursue employment, because the additional support systems they may require are either not offered or not easily accessible. Kristin’s job opportunity was made available through the Summer Employment Access (SEA) program, a new initiative offered by Jobmatch, Community Living Wallaceburg’s employment support program. SEA is geared to transitional aged youth, 15 to 30 who have a self-declared or documented disability, and who are attending high school or post-secondary school. Kristin’s mother, Sandy Como, was grateful that Jobmatch assisted her daughter to achieve her first paid job, to build confidence and to grow her résumé. “It’s been an awesome experience, one that you can’t do on your own without someone helping you get through the channels in order to get the jobs,” said Como. Community Living Wallaceburg and Jobmatch have a plan to start closing the employment gap for people with intellectual disabilities. Are you ready, willing and able to get involved? A gift of just $10 or $25 donation will make a difference, helping Community Living Wallaceburg and Jobmatch change the employment landscape. By making a gift to Community Living Wallaceburg today you can help give young people like Kristen more opportunities to participate in all elements of community life!