The National Campus and Community Radio Association works with community stations in nearly 80 communities across Canada! We probably have a station in your town! We provide training to youth, programming for isolated seniors, cover local news and events and promote emerging Canadian musicians! Our work is supported by over 15,000 volunteers and the incredible support of Canadians like you!

  • CommunityRadioGives - For GivingTuesday we want to celebrate and amplify the way that community radio can help enrich our communities! Radio stations in nearly 80 communities across Canada are coming together to encourage giving back for GivingTuesday!

For GivingTuesday our goals are: 
  • To engage our network of stations to tell 150 great charity impact stories to celebrate GivingTuesday and Canada's 150th birthday
  • To mobilize our network of over 15,000 volunteers to work together with 150 charities to help them be successful for GivingTuesday
  • To raise a total of $15,000 across the network of community stations to help fund new programming 

Find out if there‚Äôs a station in your town and get involved with CommunityRadioGives! 

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CommunityRadioGives Partners

National Campus and Community Radio Association

CFBU, Brock University Student Radio

CJNU 93.7FM - Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative