Comox Valley Project Watershed Society

It will cost approximately $6.5M to purchase and restore the Field Sawmill site to a natural state. Of this we need to raise $500,000 from the Comox Valley community. We will be writing grants to all levels of governments, as well as local, national and international organizations to raise the balance of the funds.
Of the $500,000 from the community $100,000 has to be raised by December 20th. To reach this first target we sectioned off 1/5th of the site, as seen in the Site Diagram on our website. We will fill up this section with the associated habitat components as they are sponsored. You can sponsor a habitat component individually or join with your neighbours, co-workers, church or sports team to sponsor one as a group.
If you or your group wish to be recognized for your support please let us know – your name/affiliation will be listed on our website, our Facebook page and at some point on the restored site itself. For sponsorships over $100 you may also choose an art piece or Kus-kus-sum keepsake. For more information on the site and our restoration plans visit our Kus-kus-sum page.

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