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According to UNICEF, more than 80% of the world’s orphans still have a living parent. Many children end up in orphanages because of extreme poverty. As an orphan-prevention program, Project Somos Children’s Village provides loving homes for widowed or single mothers and their children who have been living in dire poverty. Mothers take vocational training with the goal to support their families self-sufficiently in the future. The children are provided with a secure and caring community, education, arts, leadership and other opportunities to prepare them for their future. Families are educated in parenting, nutrition, hygiene, gardening, and other skills. After approximately three years, the families are relocated back into their community with ongoing support from Project Somos and other NGOs.


Thanks to a generous matching gift opportunity, the first $10,000 in donations will be matched during our Holiday Campaign this year. This will double your impact!

Every December we shut down our regular work site and open our “Santa’s Workshop”. Our workers spend two days secretly making beautiful wooden toys for their own children and for the Project Somos children. This year the planning is already underway. Help us make something special for the kids! 

Our vision includes Social Enterprises (small businesses) which are being established to generate income to support the Project. The mamas make beautiful handmade products from wool, so we need sheep - or at least wool! We are growing crops to sell and to feed the families, so we need seeds - plus agricultural expertise and help! Your donation will go towards supporting our agricultural and felting Social Enterprises.

As indigenous women, our mamas have endured a life of hardship, indifference and discrimination. We empower them by offering them workshops which raise their self-esteem, build their capacity and educate them. Your donation will go towards a training workshop with experts in each field, which will assist them in moving forward as empowered and capable women. 

A local Guatemalan therapist and psychologist work with our mamas and children to overcome the trauma they endured prior to moving to Project Somos. They also work closely with the mamas in developing their parenting abilities so that they are not overwhelmed as a single parent.

There is nothing our mamas and children love more than an outing together. We want our families to partake in some fun activities in 2016. Help us take them to the zoo, lake, kite festival, etc. Your donation will fund the transportation, lunch and entrance fees where applicable.

Employment is crucial for the survival and well-being of any family. Project Somos has been offering local employment to our community since 2011. With every worker we employ, a whole family is supported. Your donation of $500 will keep one worker employed for an entire month and help support an entire family! 

When celebrating their first birthday at Project Somos, each child gets to choose his/her own unique quilt, hand made with love by a quilter in Canada. For $500 you can "sponsor" a quilt! Your name (or dedication), along with the quilter's name and that of the child will be put on the quilt and will be a lifelong reminder to the child of how much he/she is unique and loved!

Our agricultural program provides food for our families living on site, and we sell some of our produce to earn income to support the Project.  But we also sometimes share with our neighbours in need who are struggling after severe droughts in Guatemala. Your donation will help support our community and  outreach programming.

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