Compassionate Eye Foundation

The Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is a non-profit organization with a unique approach to philanthropy. We generate revenue from our stock photography to support education, health, and economic sustainability in developing nations.

Through CEF, accomplished photographers, videographers, producers, and other creatives contribute time and talent to our photo shoots. Then, the global design, marketing and advertising community generates our revenue by simply choosing to purchase CEF stock photos through our partner, Getty Images.

With the revenue generated by photography, CEF works with trusted Canadian charities on health, education, and sustainable economic development projects include building and sustaining schools in Sierra Leone, Nepal, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Guatemala. We continue to work with partner organizations to provide clean water and sanitation in remote areas of Cambodia, Peru, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We are also actively working to provide economic development through our partner organizations in Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, and Guatemala.

For this year’s GivingTuesday, we are sharing our unique story of giving through #MyGivingStory. Through #MyGivingStory, readers can vote for their favourite giving story. With enough votes by December 7, we have chance of winning $10,000 toward our cause!


Happy GivingTuesday, everyone! Your efforts are truly inspiring. We look forward to reading all of the entries!

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