Council on Drug Abuse

The mission of the Council on Drug Abuse (CODA) is to prevent substance abuse through health promotion & education impacting children/youth. Incorporated in 1969 by the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, CODA is a national, charitable organization that develops/delivers cutting-edge, preventive drug abuse programs to youth aged 12-19. CODA also develops/delivers accredited/certified professional development for pharmacists & other health promotion intermediaries including teachers, counselors, parents, siblings, police & other professionals. CODA provides services Canada-wide in 104 regions. Based on population, each region is host to any number of ‘School Communities’ which include the students, teachers & other youth/adults associated with a high school & each of its feeder schools, local community groups & social services, community centres, police & other points of community focus including culturally diverse groups & populations. CODA programming is intended to work on risk & protective factors in youth before illicit drug use begins. The evidence supporting the value of building protective factors in the lives of even the most at-risk youth to decrease their potential risky behaviour, is substantial. Creating a strong connection to school, aiding in the development of positive relationships with adult stakeholders (teachers, family) & introduction to positive peer networks all contribute to helping youth make healthier, smarter decisions that will prevent &/or delay the onset of drug use.

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