Giving Tuesday Waterloo Region

Countryside Camp & Conference Centre

Dear Friends,
Each of us lives with and through brokenness, whether personally or in relationship with loved ones, family and friends. Unfortunately it is a given throughout much of society and culture today. It presents itself in different ways and gives each of us opportunity to shy away or embrace the challenge and fight for a solution bigger then ourselves.

“Stand in the Gap” is just one answer to the brokenness a community of under-served children and youth are living in today.

“Stand in the Gap” has become a conduit of support and opportunity for children and youth feeling hopeless, worthless, and unloved to receive the hope, worth, and love they need to become successful in life. Initiated in 2010, over 759 children, youth as well as individuals living with “special needs” have now benefited from participation in the program.

At Countryside Camp and Conference Centre, the summer home of “Camp Shalom,” our staff, donors, board of directors and partnering organizations across Southern Ontario have chosen to commit time, talents, and treasure to bring about sustainable change to this serious community challenge and now we are seeking your help, your network, and your influence to reach a broader audience making an even greater impact in deserving communities across Ontario.

Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to raise $30,000 to sponsor 70 children and youth through “Stand in the Gap.”

Why is “Stand in the Gap” important? Because of Mikael!

Mikael lives with Guillain-Barre syndrome but you would not know it unless you looked for it. His personality shines beyond any disability. I watched Mikael’s interactions throughout his week in Adventure Camp this summer; his spirit and drive, his eagerness to try new things and make new friends, and his joy was contagious. Mikael was recognized as my 2018 Camp Community Champion and his week at “Camp Shalom” was only possible through Stand in the Gap!

Will you “Stand in the Gap” for under-served children and youth and help Countryside Camp and Conference Centre reach our goal this Giving Tuesday?

Tim Partridge
Managing Director

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