Dalhousie Legal Aid Service


Teaching is the cornerstone of our work here at Dalhousie Legal Aid. It is through the educational experience students obtain that we are able to provide insight into the many interrelated issues that affect those living in poverty; the often powerless feeling of dealing with those in a position to help, the feeling of not being heard by those in power, the shame some feel because they’re led to believe they have created the circumstances in which they find themselves.
Students who have come to the clinic know first-hand the difficulties clients face in fighting for their rights - whether they be to a healthy diet or to present their side in a child protection case. We use a variety of methods to teach the skills students need to make an impact, and having an appropriate space with up to date technology would go a long way to keeping their interest in learning high.
For Giving Tuesday this year, we are campaigning to improve our teaching space. Our goal is to raise money for:
  • New portable tables that are conducive to break out groups or the full group of students
  • A portable interactive board on which we can play video, write notes, project and more
  • 20 stackable chairs
The approximate cost of these items is $10,500:
  • Tables: $2700 for 6 
  • Chairs: $1800 for 20
  • Interactive Board: $6000 
Everyone who donates at least $10 will receive a charitable donations receipt and a letter of thanks.
Those who donate $250 and over from November 15 through December 20 will also have engraved nameplates on a wall in our teaching space showing your honoured contribution.
That means if only 42 of our over 2000 alumni donate $250 we will make our goal!
We are so proud of our alumni and we’re hoping that you are proud of the time you spent with us. Pay it forward to the new generation of clinic students with your donation today.

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