Dancemakers encourages donors to support its creative community, programming which is multiplicitous and diverse. We develop and deliver a range of activities designed to be flexible, responsive, and valuable for artists working today. All of our programming falls under one of three categories:
  • Residencies: Our rotating roster of Resident Artists are the core artists at Dancemakers. Our primary residency program offers a three-year fully funded residency, of up to seven weeks a year of studio time, during which time artists bring a new work to production. This residency is curated through research and does not have an open call. We also host a two-year Emerging Artist in Residence and a two-week Technical/Production residency.
  • Community Support: We program ancillary events including outreach, education, presentation opportunities, and professional development. These events are concomitant to the residency activities, often supporting or orbiting the works of the Resident Artists, and are aimed at providing opportunities for a wider field of practitioners, including our popular Adult Beginner Contemporary Dance Classes
  • Presentations: We present work by local and non-local artists at Dancemakers outside of our roster of  artists and they are presented as full-scale, full-length works, double bills, or short works on mixed bills, creating opportunities for cross-pollination with our Resident Artists, the dance and art communities in Toronto, and the public around these events. 

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