Dandelion Dance


Every year, the Dandelion Dance Company takes on a special project to spread its messages of hope, inclusivity, and the power of the creation process to build stronger communities. This year, the Dandelion Dance Company has been selected by Experiences Canada to participate in a cultural and artistic exchange on Vancouver Island!
Our exchange will take place in March 2017 for one week.

We are so excited to bring our work to the West Coast. This is an incredible opportunity to show new audiences what is possible when young women share and create with each other in an inclusive and safe environment. This is also our chance to inspire girls and young women from all walks of life on Vancouver Island!

Experiences Canada has generously provided over $13,000 to support the majority of our travel costs – but this exchange can happen only if we raise enough money to cover the remainder of our travel costs for all 12 members of the Dandelion Dance Company, as well as three adults who are properly equipped to supervise and support the dance company members for the entire exchange.

With your support, we will be able to connect with and inspire people from all over Vancouver Island, including First Nations communities! Our goal is to raise a minimum of $4990 by December 2, 2016 through our Chimp crowdfunding campaign. We will use this money to:
• Provide appropriate supervision and support tailored to each girl’s unique needs for the entire exchange;
• Cover the costs of transportation for 15 people between various communities on Vancouver Island (by van and ferry);
• allow every Company member to immerse herself in the culture of different Vancouver Island communities through activities such as museum visits and visiting national/provincial parks; and
• cover incidental expenses.

THANK YOU for helping the Dandelion Dance Company spread our message of inclusion, diversity, and the power in every girl and young woman, all the way to Vancouver Island!

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