Deaf & Hear Alberta

Change a Life Forever! You can directly impact the quality of life of a Deaf or hard of hearing low-income Albertan with your donation as we kick off GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015.

Craig's Story:
Challenges: A serious health issue left Craig with severe hearing loss. He is  confined to a wheelchair and his only income is AISH support. His inability to hear the fire alarm required firefighters to break down his door to rescue him.

Need: Your GivingTuesday donation will help Craig receive a fire alarm signalling system, personal amplifier  and an amplified telephone.

Rhonda's Story:
Challenges: Rhonda’s son is Deaf with additional developmental  disabilities.  She is his primary caregiver and cannot work.

Need: Your GivingTuesday will help Rhonda and her son to receive amplified speech devices and signalling system.

Sarah's Story:
Challenges: Sarah has two Deaf children in an all-deaf family.  One of the children is also blind.

Need: Your GivingTuesday gift will provide safety and communication for this family with a signalling system and a TTY phone (a visual phone for the Deaf).


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