Decoda Literacy Foundation

This Giving Tuesday, you can help change a child's future.

Fostering Literacy is a program that helps school-age children like Olivia.*

Olivia is a grade one student at a small school in BC. She was struggling with reading.

"She barely understood the sounds of the letters," said her teacher.

Olivia needed extra help.

Her teacher found her that help. She enrolled her in Fostering Literacy.

Olivia was matched with a reading tutor. Her tutor was to trained to work with a child in one-to one-reading sessions. The goal was to make reading fun.

At first, Olivia had trouble concentrating. That's when her teacher gave her a fidget toy to take to each session.

"Her improvement was amazing. She was able to focus with a fidget toy and progressed more than expected. She never missed a tutor session; she loved the special time put aside for her and her tutor," said the teacher.

This Giving Tuesday, you can help a child like Olivia.

Your donation of $30, $60, $100 ... or more will help pay for play-based activities and books, tutor training, and training for parents to support their child's reading at home.

This year, your gift will help one or more of 120 children living in 19 communities across BC.

Thank you for giving the gift of literacy!

*This is an actual story. The identity of the children are protected. Olivia is a fictitious name used for the purpose of telling her story.

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