To All the Billionaires and Multi Millionaires that may read this,

My apologies for pestering you. As I know your time is extremely valuable and I likely unworthy of it.  I will cut right to the chase Your EXTREMELY wealthy, I am far from financially stable. 
I ask only only a minute of your time 
My mother is an amazing woman, she also has Dementia. I was living with her, helping with everything I could. Now she is to a  point that I can no longer help her. I have explored ALL avenues for assistance, thru subsidy and government assistance, to no avail.  Its completely inconsiderate of myself and beyond rude to ask someone for financial help let alone on twitter, I justify this for one reason; My mom deserves to keep her dignity by being cared for at home until the end.  I am coming to you as a humble human, just hopeful, maybe you would even consider my plea. 

What can I give you in return?
I have nothing.