Easter Seals New Brunswick


Living with a disability can be complex and difficult, placing tremendous strain and stress on a family. What are typically seen as the simple everyday routines and rhythms of life can be fraught with barriers, challenges and obstacles—making life anything but simple. Having a disability can severely impact a person’s ability to access and experience their world, and significantly limit their ability to truly enjoy life.
Disability is also incredibly expensive. The cost of things like specialized mobility equipment, assistive technology, learning aids, and accessible programming can total tens of thousands of dollars every year—an expense that many families simply cannot afford. Thankfully, Easter Seals is there to help with the programs, services, support and assistance that Canadians living with disabilities need to make the most of their abilities and live life to the fullest. 
Join the GivingTuesday movement and support Easter Seals by making a donation today! Your gift will help fund things like: a power wheelchair that can provide independence; a specialized walker that can provide freedom; a porch lift that can provide access; a specialized computer that can allow for enhanced learning; and a fully-accessible summer camp experience that can boost confidence, independence and self-esteem.  
This GivingTuesday, donate to Easter Seals—your gift will help change the lives of children, youth and adults living with disabilities from coast to coast. 

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