Edmonton Heritage Council


Through Edmonton’s heritage and history, EHC is helping to build the relationship between Edmontonians and their city. There’s a new conversation emerging about why our city's heritage and memory is indispensable in creating a vibrant city and welcoming community for newcomers.  It’s not just because it’s “good” to know about it (which it is), but it also has real consequences for the way Edmontonians plan, think about and build the city.

Initiatives like the Edmonton City as Museum Project encourage citizens to rethink how story and history can be preserved and shared in cities, and to reimagine what a city museum can be. Through online storytelling, city exploration and constant conversation, ECAMP anticipates a new kind of city museum: a museum interwoven throughout the city, created by Edmontonians for Edmontonians.

Please share this mission with friends, family and all those who support Edmonton's heritage as a vital aspect of building our city. Heritage is about strengthening our bonds to one another through the stories that weave us all together. Your contributions of time and creativity are essential to our work, and there are many ways to show support.

As a not-for-profit and charitable organization, we welcome financial contributions through Canada Helps and initiatives such as Giving Tuesday. For those who are not yet members, please consider joining the EHC. Our members are the heart of the council; they animate discussions, support program development, and form our Board of Directors. You can find more information and sign up online.

Stay in touch with us through EHC Update, our biweekly newsletter that shares stories and updates from Edmonton's diverse and growing heritage community.

And last but certainly not least, add your thoughts to conversations about heritage online by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and using the #yegheritage and #GivingTuesdayYEG hashtags.

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